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 Grand Basket

4.075 kg

Grand Basket


Référence : ER801


  • Duck pâte with Armagnac - 90g.
  • Quail pâte with grapes - 90g.
  • Rabbit pâte with tarragon - 90g.
  • Rabbit pâte with figs - 90g.
  • Duck liver mousse 25% duck foie gras - 90g.
  • duck pâte whith red peppers and olives - 90g.
  • Will boar terrine recipe farm - 125g.
  • fresh liver pâte in the former - 125g.
  • Duck pâte farm recipe - 125g.
  • Will boar pâte - 180g.
  • Southwest pâte - 180g.
  • Angèle's recipe - Adour valley's pâte - 180g.
  • Chicken liver confit  with Armagnac - 180g.
  • Duck pâte with leeks - 180g.
  • Chicken liver creme with mushrooms - 180g.
  • farmhouse pâte with green peppers - 180g.
  • Duck pâte with cepes - 180g.
  • Deer pâte - 320g.
  • Knuckle of ham in jelly - 350g.
  • Duck confit : 1 leg - 350g.
  • Saute of turkey with curry "à l'indienne" - 350g.
  • Garbure bigourdane - 350g.


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